A1 Approved – Gold Cover Warranty

A1 Approved - Gold Cover Warranty

This cover is available for vehicles between 5 -10 years old and between 50,001 – 100,000 miles at the time of purchase.

When something breaks on your car we want to be first to know.

We have teamed up with A1 Approved Warranties to ensure you get the best level of warranty coverage representing the best value for money.

No all parts are covered under our warranty however you may get a pleasant surprise what is. 


What Happen's if I Experience an Issue with my Car that is still covered under Warranty? 

The first thing to do is call our friendly and helpful Service Centre who will give you the best advice and book your car in for an inspection at your earliest convenience. Remember to let them know if your require a FREE loan car whilst you car is in or if you would prefer for us to collect from you home.

Once your car is booked in, we will inspect to find the fault and report back to you. Where the failed part is covered under your A1 Warranty Policy, we will contact A1 Approved Warranties to gain authority for the repair and advise you if there is anything for you to pay. We will then carry out the repair and contact you as soon as the car is repaired , cleaned and ready for collection. 

We will claim the repair cost of the repair from A1 Warranties so you can sit back and relax and get on with the rest of your day, hassle free. 


Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Can I use my own garage for repairs?

A. We would always recommend you come back to Jim Reid Vehicle Sales & Service first however the answer is...Yes You can, preferably not a main dealer and if you do not know a local independent garage try using The Good Garage Scheme on the internet or we can find one for you. You can use a main dealer if you wish as long as you are prepared to pay the difference in the charges compared to a local independent garage. 

Q. Do I have to pay the garage myself and then claim back the costs from you?

A. No. We can pay the garage directly for the authorised sum with our debit card over the telephone before You collect Your car. If they do not accept card payments over the telephone We can pay them with an immediate bank transfer. All We ask is that the garage email or fax us their invoice first. No other warranty company offers this level of service.

Q. What happens if I need to make a claim?

A. In the event of a failure You must follow the claims procedure in the book.

Q. Does my warranty cover for worn out components?

A. No it does not. No warranty can cover for worn or wearing components on a used car. The warranty is not a reconditioning tool to replace things as they wear on Your car, rather it will cover for components that have actually physically broken or have a permanent electronic defect. Even a brand new car warranty will not pay for normal wear and tear.

Q. Do I need to get my vehicle serviced?

A. Yes you do only at the correct times / mileages in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations after You take delivery of the vehicle. We are not interested in the service history of the vehicle prior to You purchasing it. The service does not have to be completed by a main dealer unless You want to maintain a full dealer history, but please ensure that You retain the relevant receipts as proof.

Q. Does my warranty cover diagnostic charges?

A. The warranty does not cover plug in diagnostic charges as there is no set times for doing this. What might take one garage ten minutes to diagnose may take another two hours so these costs cannot be built into the warranty costs. We do however cover physical dismantling charges in the event of a valid claim subject to the warranty maximum claim limit.

Q. Will I have to pay anything?

A. When your claim is authorised this will be for a specific sum of money agreed with Your repairing garage. You may have to pay any warranty excess and / or for components
that are not covered under the warranty, plus any amount over and above the claim limit of Your warranty. 

Please see the Gold Cover Warranty Book PDF below for full explanation of coverage.