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Are your tyres wearing unevenly?

Is your car pulling to one side, or your steering wheel seems as if it’s not sitting straight?

Then you may well require a 4 Wheel Alignment and there is no better place to get this carried out than at Jim Reid Vehicle Sales & Service Centre near Aberdeen. Our fully trained technicians will ask you in detail about what you are experiencing whilst driving before measuring the settings of your car on our RAVAGLIOLI TD1760WS WHEEL ALIGNER. against the manufacturer’s factory geometry set up. This will establish and identify where and what adjustments are required. Following these adjustments, our technician will take your car for a road test to ensure your car is now handling as it should.

Pricing Explained

Setting up your 4 wheel alignment is time consuming. We use specialist calibrated equipment and fully trained technician's therefore we will never be the cheapest, however we will get it right first time round.

Stage One

We drive your car onto our Hunter 4 Wheel Alignment ramp and set up the RAVAGLIOLI TD1760WS WHEEL ALIGNER. to give us your first reading. This reading establishes if your wheel alignment is out of spec and if so how far! 

This will cost you £108 inc vat. At this point, you will receive your computer 'printout' showing your alignment. 

Stage Two

This is where it gets a little complicated. The trained technician using the first reading printout will establish what part of your tracking will require adjustment. Once established he will start these adjustments on your car. Because all the adjustments required are under the car many of these bolts will be rusty and hard to move, some will simply require a spray of lubricant however some may require some heat to release them, all this takes time and we all know time means money.

During this period we charge £54 inc vat per 30 minutes spent on the car.

We will carry out all the required adjustments, print off the new alignment showing the car 'in spec' and give this to you to take home and carry out a short road test to ensure this issue is resolved and the car is driving as it should be.

What's our Average Price?

This means the cheapest 4 Wheel Alignment with adjustments will cost you £162 in vat but it will all depend on how much time we have to spend on the car. 

The average price for a normal set up on a car is £216 inc vat, for 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles it's between £432- £486 inc vat.

Regardless of make and model we can assure you that we are always looking to carry out this service as efficiently as possible for yourself. 



4 Wheel Alignment
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