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"We can get your car looking like it's ready for the forecourt"

Car Valeting
Shine bright like a diamond

Regardless if you have bought your car from us or not let us take your car back to ‘new’ by allowing our Valeting Department to offer your car some TLC.

We can get your car looking like it’s ready for the forecourt, or if you just want a quick spruce up, the choice is yours. We offer a completely bespoke valeting service, with prices from £50 to £500 depending on what you would like.

For a quotation based on your requirements, call Phil or Jim on 01467 634 000.


Ceramic Coating & Nano Technology

Now when you buy a vehicle from us we can give you a wide range of different finishes to help further protect your paintwork & glasswork of your investment.

We have teamed up with Supreme Coat and other handpicked suppliers to offer you a wide range of products to help maintain that ‘new car’ look for longer.

Please see below our Pricing Statement. *For clarification the BUY IT NOW price is only available for vehicles purchased from us and have yet to be delivered to the customer.

0196 Paint Protection A4 Card

Supremecoat Life Proof – Nano ceramic coating


High-gloss permanent bond Nano ceramic coating. This coating can only be applied by our network of trained approved applicators and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Compared to factory paintwork it utilises the latest ceramic Nano technology to give paintwork superior chemical resistance, UV and Thermal resistance and super hydrophobic effect. Guarantee card for lifetime guarantee registered through Supreme coat online portal.

Protects against:-

  • Sunlight
  • UV rays
  • Hot Water
  • Acid Rain
  • Bird Lime

NB – Transferable guarantee to new owner exclusive to Supreme coat

Guarantee :- 10 years for new Cars

7 years for Used Cars

Supremecoat Evolution – Nano Polymer Paint Protection


Revolutionary system that provides the same hydrophobic characteristics of a ceramic paint protection.

Provides optimum long lasting protection, giving unparalleled protection against:-

  • UV Rays
  • Acid Rain
  • Tree sap
  • Harsh Detergents

It also gives initial protection from Bird Lime and delivers a superior deep gloss shine.

Made exclusively in Switzerland.

Supreme coat Evolution can only be applied by our approved and authorised network of dealerships and backed by a 5 Year guarantee. NB – Transferable guarantee to new owner on sale of car

Guarantee :- 5 Years

Soft 99 Fusso Wax Coat Light(CX9902)/Dark (00302) 12 Months Light Seal

Contains fluropolymers which has an extremely high anti – soiling capability and thus effectively protects the vehicle surface from rain, dirt and other undesirable residues. The thick hard coating repels the water extremely well.

With appropriate execution, the protection lasts up to an incredible 12 months.

In addition to the protective effect, the Fusso coat produces an extremely beautiful clear shine

NB :- Protection lasts up to 12 months

For a quotation based on your requirements, call Phil or Jim on 01467 634 000