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What is Help Out to Eat Out?
Inspired by the UK Government’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme Jim Reid Vehicle Sales & Service have come up with a scheme that will help the local hospitality industry at the same time as help sell some additional cars. Unlike the Hospitality Industry, the Automotive Industry has been buoyant post lockdown. As a result, we feel in a position to assist our friends in the local restaurants & cafés. Due to a three-week-long local lockdown during August, Aberdeen didn’t gain full advantage of the Government’s Scheme; therefore, we felt in only fair to offer this scheme to locally owned and run cafés & restaurants in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire.
How ‘Help Out to Eat Out’ works.
We are giving away a £50 ‘Help Out to Eat Out’ Voucher to every customer who buys a car or van from us who then goes on to complete an online Customer Review on Google about their experience. We are also rewarding those brand ambassadors who actively promote Jim Reid Vehicle Sales & Service to their friends and family. If you recommend a friend or family member who then goes on to buy a car or van from us, we will issue a £25 ‘Help Out to Eat Out’ Voucher to you as a thank you. We will also reward those who have recommended us to friends and family to sell their car to us. Where this results in us purchasing the car or van, we will pay the person who recommended us a £25 ‘Help Out to Eat Out’ Voucher.
Where Can I Eat?
We have signed up a large number of local restaurants & cafés across Aberdeen and the Shire who have decided to participate in this scheme. A full list is available above.
How Do I Claim My Voucher?
It’s straightforward:- If you have bought a car or van recently from us, we will send you an email asking you to share your experience online by way of a Google Customer Review. Google will notify us once you have done this. We then send you a link to those local restaurants & cafés who are participating. You pick where you want to eat out, and we send you your Voucher which you redeem when you visit. If you recommend a friend or family member to buy from us or to sell to us, then you have to be quick of the mark to make sure you are the first person to claim. Jump on our website page, fill in the simple form giving details of the person you have recommended us to along with your name and contact details. Once this customer has bought, paid and collected their new vehicle from us OR we have completed the transaction to purchase their car we then send you a link to those local restaurants & cafés who are participating. You pick where you want to eat out, and we send you your Voucher which you redeem when you visit.

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Terms and Conditions
Once you select the restaurant or café you wish to dine at you must contact our Sales Team who will post a personalised and numbered voucher to you. You must take this voucher along with you to the restaurant or café of your choice where a member of staff will accept this as payment to the value stated on the voucher. There is no cash alternative. There will be no change given or credit given in the event the meal’s price does not equal or exceed the voucher value. The Voucher is transferable to a member of your family or a friend however you must inform us of the name of the person(s) who will make the booking with the restaurant. Where you have purchased a vehicle from us and therefore entitled to a £50 Voucher you can choose to accept 1 x £50 voucher or 2x £25 Vouchers which can be for the same or different venues. Once you have redeemed your voucher the participating venue will keep the voucher and destroy it so it cannot be used fraudulently. The ‘USE BY’ date displayed on the voucher means that the voucher must be redeemed on or before the date displayed. In the event of National or Local Lockdown which prevents you from taking advantage of this voucher or visiting the participating venue or where your booking is cancelled due to this, then an extension to the ‘USE BY’ date will be granted. The payment for the full amount of the face value of the voucher has already been paid to the participating venue therefore it is in your interest to take advantage of the voucher or it will be lost. Any changes or withdrawal of this scheme is at the discretion of Jim Reid and the management Team at Jim Reid Vehicle Sales & Service. Venues standard terms and conditions apply. Venue management reserve the right to refuse. Any decision made by Jim Reid and his management team of Jim Reid Vehicle Sales is final. For clarification please contact
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