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"ECU remapping will not only improve the engines power and torque figures..."

Quantum Re-mapping

We are the Exclusive Quantum Remapping Dealer for the Grampian area.

Technician & Ex Rally Driver Barry Clark has been fully trained in all aspects of Re-mapping and is therefore our Re-mapping Specialist. You can contact him directly with any questions via e-mail or 07477 525348 or 01467 634001.


ECU remapping will not only improve the engines power and torque figures it will also sharpen the throttle response and widen the power-band. This will make the power delivery a lot more linear, which in turn will make the vehicle feel a lot livelier to drive and the engine more flexible. Frequently, the vehicles power output is restricted by the manufacturer for no other reason than to ensure that the vehicle fits into a class to suit fleet buyers. As a driving enthusiast, you do not need or want such restrictions placed upon your vehicles ECU and its performance therefore you can benefit from the hidden power and torque locked away within your engine management system.

The other main benefit of remapping will be a reduction in fuel consumption. With the extra torque especially at the bottom of the rev range you will see a fuel saving as it will require less throttle input to maintain motorway speeds, you can drive in a higher gear at a slower speed as well as helping significantly when fully laden, towing or on gradients and even in start stop traffic.

  • Quantum Performance Re-maps
  • DPF Removal
  • Mobile Service Available for Re-maps (not available for DPF removals)