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"It's not only important to set up the Geometry correctly..."

Hunter 4 Wheel Alignment
Helping keep your car on the straight and narrow

Are your tyres wearing unevenly?

Is your car pulling to one side, or your steering wheel seems as if it’s not sitting straight?

Then you may well require a 4 Wheel Alignment and there is no better place to get this carried out than at Jim Reid Vehicle Sales & Service Centre. Our fully trained technicians will ask you in detail about what you are experiencing whilst driving before measuring the settings of your car on our Hunter 4 Wheel Aligner against the manufacturer’s factory geometry set up. This will establish and identify where and what adjustments are required. Following these adjustments, our Technician will take your car for a road test to ensure your car is now handling as it should.

Check out this video below which explains what we do.

For pricing please call our Service Centre directly on 01467 634001 or book your 4 Wheel Alignment now.

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